Sunday, October 24, 2010

College Life Update

The guys on my floor are really loud some hours of the night.
One guy has a sound system that would out an Imax theater to shame.
And one guy keeps slamming his door EVERY time he closes it.
As I typed that I heard him slam it.
I still don't know who it is.
They have a habit of yelling down the halls as well.

Oh well that's what I get for living in the cheap dorms! :D


  1. just wait 'till they start to pee in the hallways :D

  2. Atleast people aren't having rough, audible sex.

  3. none of the dorms are cheap dude... you chose the "community life". lol. and oh..just wait until the end of the year... the smells of the rooms and the carpet in the halls. mmmmmmm :(


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